Peak Fence Systems

The Look You Want, the Performance You Expect


Peak Fence Systems is a Division of Plastics Design and Manufacturing. Plastics Design has been a custom manufacturer of plastic products since 1975, servicing various industries (medical, home/garden, automotive, high tech, etc.) and customers, locally, regionally and globally. Peak Fence has been produced since 1992 and was marketed under a private label. In 2003, product marketing was brought in house under PEAK Fence Systems, and made available nationally through distribution. Product improvements were made to designs, color and texture and have been included in the current Patents Pending.


Peak Fence Systems has designed TextureCraft™ Pickets and DuraClad™ Frame to create multiple styles of attractive and durable privacy picket fence and ranch rail configurations utilizing the wide variety of framing materials available today. The TextureCraft™ Pickets are manufactured from 100% U/V Stabilized 100% High Density Polyethylene. No Wood fillers are ever used, providing exceptional color stability.  Pickets come in a variety of standard variegated colors and sizes to accommodate almost any application. The DuraClad™ Frame is manufactured from the same 100% U/V Stabilized 100% High Density Polyethylene to provides years of exceptional style and appearance for both privacy and ranch rail applications and will never rot, stain or need paint.

Peak Fence Systems provide durability, style and great looks that do not fade or stain like standard composite material over time. Made from 100% High Density Polyethylene, one of the toughest and widely used weatherable plastics available has excellent cold weather strength. HDPE also has exceptional chemical resistance, which is important considering the chemicals used on our lawns as well as unsightly degradation caused by sprinklers. Peak Fence Systems 30-year limited warranty is backed with over 30 years of custom manufacturing experience and actual field exposure since 1992, eliminating the surprises with “New Products” on the market.

Unique Combination:

Peak Fence Systems is designed to provide durability, easy installation, as well as provide years of great looks and style, with very little maintenance.  We recognize different materials have different benefits and have brought those benefits together in one product. Since environmental conditions are different in many areas the DuraClad™ Frame utilizes benefits of Vinyl to provide the structural post and rail components that are highly effective in a wide variety of environmental conditions (hot or cold, wet or dry). Capitalizing on the benefits of both materials to provide solid privacy and open ranch rail is a feature not offered with any other system.  Designed for easy installation and construction adaptability/flexibility, the simple attachment utilizing vinyl framing materials along with HDPE’s color stability and long term performance make this system the most weatherable and durable as well as one of the best looking, cost effective fence systems on the market.

Thank You,
Keith Giacchino President
Plastics Design & Manufacturing Peak Fence Systems