TextureCraft Premium Pickets DuraClad Frame

Peak Fence Systems has designed TextureCraft™ Pickets and DuraClad™ Frame System to create multiple styles of attractive and durable picket fence configurations. TextureCraft™ Pickets are manufactured from 100% U/V Stabilized High Density Polyethylene and come in a variety of standard colors and sizes to accommodate almost any application. The DuraClad™ Frame is manufactured from 100% U/V Stabilized High Density Polyethylene, and along with the benefit of PVC Posts and Rails will provide years of exceptional style and appearance.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the pickets & sleeves made of?
A: The pickets & sleeves are manufactured from 100% recycled UV Resistant High Density Polyethylene, with No Wood Fillers. They have excellent color stability, impact strength and will not splinter or rot. They also have superior resistance to chemicals and paint.

Q:  How will the weather affect them? 
A: The high-density polyethylene is protected with UV stabilizers and is waterproof.  It will withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures and is unaffected by water. 

Q:  Can they be scratched? 
A: The combination of material and texture create a surface condition which hides scratches from view. Material is colored throughout the product so scratches do not show contrasting colors from subsurface materials.

Q: What is the warranty? 
A: The pickets & sleeves come with a 30 year limited warranty, which covers defects such as rotting, flaking and blistering. See warranty for additional covered conditions.

Q: Can they be painted? 
A: TextureCraft™ pickets & DuraClad™ sleeves are manufactured to never need paint.  Painting the pickets is not recommended, as it will not stick to the surface.

Q: How do you clean them? 
A: Spray them off with a standard garden hose.

Q: What sizes do they come in?
A: The pickets measure ¾” thick, and are available in full 6” widths.  This means fewer TextureCraft™ pickets to cover the same footage as wood pickets. The sleeves are available in, 1.5x5.5 & 5x5 sizes.

Q: What colors are available? 
A: The available stock colors are Natural Cedar, Weathered Gray and Western Sierra.  Custom colors are available with large volume orders.

Q: Can they be cut to size?
A: TextureCraft™ Premium Pickets & DuraClad™ Sleeves are easier to cut than wood using a standard circular or hand saw. 

Q: Will the weather harm the open tops?
A: No.  TextureCraft™ Pickets are UV Stabilized inside and out.

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